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What is Brain Working Recursive Therapy?

BWRT is a relatively new therapeutic technique that can result in positive change in a short period of time.


BWRT is not hypnosis. It is solution-focused, logical, practical and in line with current thinking in neuroscience. It is effective in working with trauma, anxiety, procrastination, phobias and imposter syndrome. BWRT uses psychological processes to stop and reroute neural pathways in the brain which cause negative physical, emotional and behavioural symptoms in response to trauma or anxiety provoking situations. Within a short period of time, new, positive and adaptive neural pathways are created, resulting in the client no longer being triggered by past traumatic memories.   

BWRT can only be practiced by certified practitioners. In order to undertake the training one must already be a psychologist, psychiatrist, registered counsellor or medical practitioner. I am a level 1 BWRT practitioner.

A BWRT session can also be conducted effectively online. 

If you would like more information on how BWRT works you can click on the following video link:

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