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I offer school readiness assessments, namely: the Aptitude for School Beginners (ASB) Assessment.

The ASB is a psychological assessment used as a screening tool to evaluate certain aptitudes or abilities which are important in elementary education. 


The test will assess a child’s readiness to start grade 1 and will highlight areas where the learner is struggling to meet certain minimum requirements for her/his age group. This information can assist teachers in devising an appropriate Learner Support Plan and provide recommendations to parents to help the learner improve in those identified areas.


The 8 areas that are assessed include: Perception, Spatial Ability,  Reasoning, Numerical Ability, Gestalt, Co-ordination, Memory and Verbal Comprehension.

The ASB assessment can also be done with a current grade 1 learner in order to identify any particular areas of development where additional input may be needed in order for the learner to better manage the academic demands of formal schooling.