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The BWRT® Transformational Coaching program is an exciting and dynamic method combining Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT), a personality assessment and concepts from the SymbioDynamics® goal-achievement system. 

  • Are you aware of the difficulties that hold you back from achieving your goals?

  • Perhaps you have attempted to achieve them, but with limited or no success?

  • Have worked through past trauma and are now ready to step into purpose?

  • Do you struggle with anxiety, a lack of confidence or Imposter Syndrome that overwhelms you and makes you believe you are not capable or don't deserve to achieve your goals?

  • Do you have fear of success or fear of failure?

  • Does the fear of public speaking limit your potential?

If you would like to start working with me to explore and clarify your life goals, challenge and shift negative & limiting mindsets, break down your goals into smaller achievable steps and have an accountability partner to check-in on your progress ... reach out and let's begin.

  • 1st Intake Session: 90 minutes

  • Ongoing Sessions: 60-90 minutes (coach to advise accordingly)

Note: Life coaching sessions are not covered by medical aid.

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